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Know your Fathers Rights in Child Support?

Need a Child Support Modification?

Department of Child Support Services after you?

Want to Settle the Child Support Arrears? Wage Garnishment? Drivers License Suspension?

Dispute the Back Child Support? Interstate Case?



We can help you with your child support problems in California!


Using the Dissomaster program, we can determine if you are entitled to a child support reduction, assist you with the child support modification process, and can help solve the problems you are having with the Division of Child Support Enforcement in every county in California.


The child support amount a non-custodial parent is required to pay in California is based on child support guidelines, which can be computed by using the Dissomaster program. Therefore, using the same computer program that the California judges use, we can determine if your child support can be reduced and approximate by how much. Remember, if you request a modification without knowing for sure that it will be lowered, you might obtain an increase in your child support.


We can also help you if the California Department of Child Support Services is implementing enforcement actions on you because you have fallen behind in child support payments. If you owe back child support, the California Department of Child Support Services can charge you 10 % interest, seize your tax refunds, destroy your credit report, place a lien on your property, suspend your driver's and business licenses, garnish up to 50% your wages, and can refer your case to the Department of Child Support Services for an arrest warrant.


We can solve your child support enforcement problems! We deal directly with the Department of Child Support Services and can get an audit of your account to determine the actual amount due in back child support, negotiate a settlement on the back child support, apply for the Compromise of Arrears Program (COAP), obtain a release of your suspended driver's or business license, stop high wage garnishments, set up an affordable payment plan, obtain a release of the warrant, and help fight for your fathers rights.


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